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1. What is the monthly premium?
The monthly premium is the monthly cost you pay to join a prescription drug plan. Different
plans have different monthly premiums, so this is one of the factors you’ll want to consider
when choosing a plan. If you are purchasing a drug plan that is integrated with a Medicare
Advantage Plan, then your monthly premium is integrated into your monthly premium for the
Medicare Advantage plan you selected.
2. Is there a deductible or co-insurance requirement?
Co-insurance is a percentage of the cost of a prescription, while a deductible is the amount
you must pay yourself before your plan begins sharing the cost. Both vary from plan to plan
and affect your total out-of-pocket costs.
3. Review the formulary (drug list) Click Here to see the list
Look for the drugs you take to be sure they’re covered and compare the co-pays for them.
4. What percentage of the top 100 prescribed drugs are on the drug list?
In addition to reviewing the drug list for the drugs you are currently taking, you should also
compare how many of the top 100 commonly prescribed drugs are covered in case your doctor prescribes any of these for you in the future.
5. Where can you fill your prescriptions?
Different plans contract with different pharmacies, so you’ll want to be sure your pharmacy is in the plan you’re considering. And some plans may offer a mail-order option while others may not.

1 Plans that provide some form of coverage during the period when you typically would pay 100% of your drug costs are indicated by a "Generics", "Generics and Preferred Brands", "Generics and Brands" or "All Formulary Drugs" in the "Coverage in the Gap" column above. To view additional information about the type of coverage available during this period, please click the plan name in the table above and then click on "View Important Notes" in the window with the plan's information. If you personalize your search by entering your medications, the drug costs during the "coverage gap" will reflect this coverage.

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